Daniel Guasco


Groupon SA donates R100k to Silicon Cape

This article first appeared in Ideate.

Daniel Guasco and Wayne Gosling, founders of the successful Silicon Cape startup Twangoo, which was acquired by Groupon in 2011, have donated R100 000 to the Silicon Cape Initiative. The Groupon joint CEOs have challenged others to match or trump this donation. 

Silicon Cape, which launched in 2009 to increase the number and caliber of tech focused startups in the Western Cape, has traditionally funded itself by acquiring sponsorship for events.

This donation will give the initiative the resource to build a more formal support structure and run more networking events. Rob Stokes, chairman of Silicon Cape says, “Our events bring the right kinds of people together from old hands who have had success, to new minds looking for a chance, to investors ready to take a risk. It’s this mix of people and ideas that spark communication and opportunities that would otherwise never be ignited.”

“It feels good to see someone from our first crop of Silicon Cape entrepreneurs give back to the community. It means we are doing something right,” says Stokes.